Qnap TVS-671 with firmware 4.3.4 Plex will not start



I found the discussions from November when 4.3.4 was in beta and wasn't working with Plex server, is this still true? I installed the latest server from the Plex website, not Qnap and it installs but does not start-in the browser anyway. I'd love to get some help. Do I still need to install 4.3.3 as was suggested in November or has the guidance been updated?


I forgot to add I’m installing version PlexMediaServer_1.11.1.4753-da42c409e_x86_64.qpkg


I wish I had a better solution but I rebooted after the install and it seems to be working now. Yeah! ? I guess.


I could not get v1.11.x to start on my QNAP … had to downgrade to Very frustrating. I’m running the TS-251+ so maybe it’s different on your hardware.