Reconnect to previously set up server




I have been running my Shield as my Plex server and have had a great experience so far, but I messed up today while trying to update my Plex app. I got a little button happy and accidentally uninstalled all of the updates and reset my Plex app to the original that came with my Shield. I reinstalled all the updates, but when I went to use the app again it acted like it was the first time and created another server rather than using the one that was already created. I can still see the original server, but it says that it's offline and I am unable to select it. I have been using the server as a DVR and really want to get back to all the files I have saved over the past months rather than completely start over. Can anyone help me?



Sorry, but uninstalling Plex Media Server from the Shield result sin all your previous settings getting erased. You will need to start over.

Edit - Only the configuration is gone. If you had a DVR setup, the recordings should still be there. You will need to setup your DVR again and re-create the recording schedule.


That isn’t so bad. I can work through the settings again and re do all the recordings.
I have all my recordings stored on an external hard drive that’s plugged into one of the USB’s. When it created the new server today, none of the recordings were showing up. Is there something I need to do to get them back?


You need to add the folder they are in to a library