Regarding QNAP remote control and OpenPHT



Per the FAQ I dumped the QNAP-provided package of PHT and installed OpenPHT instead. It's quite a bit different and would seem to lack a lot of bells and whistles that the QNAP package provided, but the the fact that it plays media properly is a lot more important than having a cool screensaver made up of FanArt from my collection.

Still, there UI has some specific bits of clunkiness that actually do affect usability a bit that I wanted to ask about. For one, the integration of the QNAP remote and OpenPHT is peculiar. For one, to toggle pause and play, you need to first hit "Pause/Play" button and then hit OK? I admit I am much more familiar with the various STB client Plex media players, so maybe this is typical behavior for PHT. The thing is, is this typical behavior for OpenPHT or just PHT in general to have toggling pause and play be a two step process? It seems cumbersome. Maybe it is because the "Pause/Play" button invokes the player controls while "OK simple executes whatever command is selected. It would seem that the menu button would be better suited to this purpose but maybe there is a reason for that too.