[request] Setlist.fm for concerts/festivals



I recently added a whole bunch of concerts/festival sets to my Plex library. I would love it if a metadata agent existed to pull the setlist from setlist.fm & add it to to the summary text.

Eg I have a file "Ellie Goulding - Coachella 2014.mkv" it should match to this http://www.setlist.fm/setlist/ellie-goulding/2014/empire-polo-grounds-indio-ca-4bc39382.html


Nice request but no answer. :(


Yeah its a shame no one is interested. Still wishing I didn't need to add it all manually.


Such a functionality would be amazing.


Would love this!


There is an API for this site supporting json (easier) and XML so it is doable: https://api.setlist.fm/docs/1.0/index.html

  • unique setlist id like: 4bc39382 assigned by the search() function
  • support poster
  • track list (if movie agent use to put as summary)
  • use location to set tags
  • date

You have a single video file so you may want a movie agent and a series agent if the separate tacks were split in multiple files.
You could set the artist as a tv series, then the year as the season for example…
I would recommend labeling in GitHub the project “Setlist-fm.bundle” and doing a movies+tv series agent possibly.