S-BABS Anime Scanner (One Piece)



Looking for some input from the experts before I lose my mind!

I'm trying to get PLEX to display my One Piece episodes by Season, whilst also keeping Absolute episode ordering and naming convention. Effectively, I want to put all my OP episodes on one folder and have PLEX scanners & agents do the hard work of sorting it out into seasons.

I've already installed S-BABS scanner, and have included a tvdb.id file to reference One PIece at TVDB, but I'm still just getting all of my episodes lumped into a single Season in PLEX (Season 1).

Example: I've got episodes in the 300 - 400 range that are picking up the correct episode info (they have the correct episode names associated with the absolute numbered episodes) but I don't have them nicely shown in correct Season folders in the PLEX front end.

My filesystem layout for Anime looks like this:

One Piece
One Piece - 345.mkv
One Piece - 346.mkv
One Piece - 347.mkv
One Piece - 381.mkv

I'd expect S-BABS to sort this logically into the correct seasons in the PLEX front-end, but can't get it to work for the life of me. No matter what I try, the episodes are all lumped into Season 1. Can anyone who has this working already please help me out or an expert in this field help me troubleshoot the setup?

I'll take some screenshots when I'm back at my PC to illustrate my frustration!


Lee C


If you're just looking for a scanner then try ZeroQI's Absolute Series Scanner.

If you're after a full anime meta agent then try ZeroQI's HAMA Bundle or my own AMSA Bundle.