Scanning AppData\Local\Plex Media Server\Media\localhost\


Hello, I just upgraded to the lifetime Plex Pass a couple days ago.
For the last couple days, Plex has been scanning the AppData\Local\Plex Media Server\Media\localhost folder nonstop and consuming CPU. What is this folder and will the scanning ever stop? Thanks


Plex doesn’t scan this folder.
Unless you have included it into a Plex library, which you should absolutely not do.

Did you change any adavnced settings of Plex Server?

Where did you point your Plex library to?
I hope you did not point it to just C:


As far as I can tell, only the TV Shows section shows the circle in progress indicator. I checked and it did have a link to my user desktop, which I just now deleted, and one other directory e:\videos. That videos directory only has a few video files. Is there another way I can tell which section is being searched to get to appdata?


OK I stopped the scan. And then I restarted the metadata scan. It only scanned the videos directory. It may be fixed now. I’ll let you know. THanks for your help.