Server Settings Are Unavailable on QNAP.



For the past few Plex server upgrades, I have had an inability to see my server settings.

Generic error is "Server settings are unavailable."

I'm running Plex on QNAP with the latest QNAP bios.


Same issue here…have done a complete uninstall and reinstalled and still no server being available - stop mucking about with new add-ons Plex and please provide a fix on this issue already!


Same problem, brand new NAS install, the problem started immediately after it started building the database. This is why I won’t spend money on Plex, it just does not work.


Same issue here.


Same here …


What is everyone’s networking configuration? Is it RFC1918 compliant? (,, or

  1. If the machine isn’t logged in under the same account as you’re using, you won’t see Server settings
  2. If it’s unclaimed and not RFC1918 network addressing, you can’t access it directly via IP even if on your LAN


I have been getting all kinds of weird behaviour with new QNAP FW. @ChuckPA, if they have new NASes, they probably started by updating to the latest QNAP FW, doesn’t this cause a Plex issue? I think you have a bug open with QNAP as you mention in another thread.


Which bug would that be? I have found core issues with QTS itself. Things like spontaneous reboot which are unable to clean and remount the primary storage array for cleaning forcing you to manually unmount the volume, run e2fsck, and re-initializing the lvm table in order to bring the unit back to normal operational status.