Shield "Lost connection to Media Server ", unable to play certain files



Hi, Am using PMS version and have multiple shields and android player phones.

There are some files which CANNOT be played on Shield but can be played through the Android phones.

Any idea if its a new bug affecting the PMS/Shield. What logs should I show or settings should I change to make it work.


Same issue here, been driving me nuts for the last week or so.


HAH… just found out interesting thing after observing the logs…

I have a subtitle plugin @sub-zero… this plugin helps me to download external subtitle

Apparently in certain videos (still unclear why), that there is a problem trying to load the subtitle and transcode it…

The way I tested was, to play the video file over plex player WITHOUT subtitle; viola it worked! And then add the subtitle in…

Tested in couple of videos which earlier has problem!

Should try yours!