shield question



Hi everybody

I have a question about the n shield would it be a good server. What I'm talking about is all my media is h.264 or h.265 and they are 2mbps for 1080p streams so it plays very well in my house (at the moment I'm using a rasi pi and it's ok just doesn't transcode I know I don't need it when it's direct play
but what I need to know is when I go to like my fiancee we like to watch plex but it won't transcode the pi ) so I'm wondering will the shield transcode so I can use it out side of my network when I'm away from my home basically sorry if I went a bit of topic there just need to know before I buy one

thank you in advance


bump please


Yes it should work I use my shield outside my home all the time.


thank you what is the best setup for it like sd card for the art and network drive for the media


I have an 1 tb usb drive adapted for internal just cause I had one laying around, all my media is on a NAS.