Sleep/Wake with Harmony/IR on Mac Mini



Hi guys,

I've been running OpenPHT on my Mac Mini (late 2009) controlled with a Harmony for a while now and i had everything working.

I stupidly decided to do a clean reinstall of El Capitan after upgrading to an SSD and for some reason I have an issue trying to wake the Mac Mini with the Harmony Remote.

I've re-done my Harmony a few times trying to figure out if there's some new codes but nothing seems to work. Basically the issue is the Mac does not wake up after it goes to sleep. I can put the Mac to sleep via the Sleep IR code or just letting it timeout and go to sleep. I can see that sending a bunch of different IR codes (powertoggle, menu, play, etc...) will wake the Mac Mini (LED will stop pulsing) but then it goes back to sleep (LED will start pulsing again).

At that point, all IR codes are unresponsive. I can still wake the mac mini via keyboard but IR is completely unresponsive until I toggle the IR settings in the Security & Privacy settings.

Does anyone here have similar issues with OpenPHT on a Mac? I'm using the Plex Player profile on the harmony. I've got OpenPHT setup on the Harmony profile with allow to wake and send keyboard keys checked off.

Any ideas?



Okay guys, I figured it out. I need to install candleair drivers on my mac…

Once I got those installed, menu/powertoggle worked properly. I can sleep, and wake as expected. Though my wake is a little flakey but I think I need to increase my harmony repeat from 0 back to 3…