So WHERE is news in Plex Media Player?



So i got the update today and an email saying that News was in PMP now. I did set the option in my account to enable news, and then restarted Plex Media Player but still don't see news in PMP. What might I be missing??



You have to scroll over on the buttons on the top. It’s the last button, but you can’t see it until the buttons scroll.

My question is, why do they have to scroll? At least on my 1080p screen, there is more than enough room to display one more button…


These buttons? How do you scroll?


You need to switch to the TV UI. Just click the two arrows pointing to each other next to the activity button then click it again once the arrows are in a box & point away from each other. Once your in the proper UI you will see a home button on the upper left corner and your librays just to the right of it. Press the right arrow until you see an icon that looks like a newspaper it’s the last library on my list.


OK, I’ll give it a look…