Still no gapless playback?


I first discovered plex nearly a year ago. I love the GUI and use it most days for streaming TV and films. One thing that annoyed me was that I couldn't use it for music as it has no gapless playback. I listen to a lot of mixed albums so it's pretty essential to me. I was told at the time it was on the todo list.

I had the thought today to check back in and see if this basic feature is now included. Nope. It's been nearly a year and still no gapless playback. Come on PLEX!!!! What's going on?


Gapless playback is not nearly as easy to add as you may think. You must remember that Plex is a server/client based system and as such it is quite difficult, but not impossible, to add gapless playback.

Unfortunately, no one knows what the position is on gapless playback, Plex do not inform us of any pending features or when they will be released.


Surely it just involves pre-loading the next track before the one that is playing finishes? I haven't done any programming since I was at college (long time ago lol) but it doesn't seem like it's something that would be incredibly difficult to implement


I love using Plex for streaming music because of the "TV front end", but it is really, really annoying that they cannot implement gapless playback. Actually, gapless playback is the only thing Plex is missing to become the perfect streaming software in my (relatively) hi end music system.

Squeezebox, which is also a client/server based system, has had gapless playback for many years.
Why not gapless playback on Plex?