[Feature Request] Plex Media Player should not have gaps between songs




Please correctly playback audio tracks without gaps.

Can't find this in the forum for PMP (maybe my fault) but this is a serious issue for those of us who want to use PMS to stream music to all our players. *PHT * does not pause between tracks (especially FLAC) and correctly plays back albums where tracks play into each other. *PMP *_always _pauses whilst it loads the new track. This is not the fault of the files because FLAC files do not have gaps in them to fill up blocks like mp3 files do.

For those of us who use an AV receiver this gap is made worse because the amp then has to recognise the digital feed again as it literally stops and restarts the audio stream.

If PMP is designed to replace PHT then I would have though this was a basic requirement!

Apart from this I love the product but will have to keep using PHT for now when listening to music.



Known issue. It's been our roadmap for a while but we haven't gotten around to fix it yet.


Hi - Is there any update on this please? I understand that PMP is still in Preview but this looks like the bug has been hanging around for 6 months.


I believe this is an issue with PMS, since all clients do not support gapless playback. It’s pretty astounding that Plex has not implemented gapless playback yet. It is a core feature of any media player and it sad that they’ve pushed it off this long.


I don’t think this is an issue with PMS as the KODI plug in works brilliantly in this respect. I’d prefer not to have to resort to KODI as I have noticed some stability issues with the latest version of late. Come on guys, please fix it. This is very annoying especially when listening to live music!


I believe this is a client side thing. The iOS app has gapless playback, but I think it’s still on the radar for PMP.


In the meantime (since I’ve already waited too long), make an addition to your Playlist function where any track that does not have a gap after it can be designated by the user to indicate how the next track will be started. That should be an easy one…


GAPLESS music please… Just adding FLAC to PLEX… MUST HAVE…


Adding this to Plex Media Player on PC/Mac and the embedded build would be amazing! Please do this!


still no gapless play?


Please Implement Gapless play in your next updates !


It’s been two years, is there any update? I would really like to listen to Pink Floyd without the pauses in between tracks ruining my immersion.


I second that… please… I’m begging you… funny aaronth07 brought up Pink Flyod… Dark side of the Moon is hard to listen to with those gaps :(.


I keep checking back every few months to see if it has been added. Every time I’m disappointed. We’ve literally been waiting years!

I honestly don’t understand it. When I first got Plex I signed up for a paid membership because you got the nice music libraries. I immediately cancelled it after I realised it didn’t have gapless playback (absolutely crucial for anyone who listens to any mixed albums). How many subscriptions are they losing out on by not having this feature? Paid membership isn’t really needed for movie playback and we will just carry on using a different server to stream music until gapless is added


I’ll second the disappointment here. Plex is a very nice media tool, but it’s nigh worthless to me if I can’t listen to albums the way they’re intented.

Monthly subscription cancelled. Please let me know when gapless playback is implemented.


Also, PlexAmp does have gapless playback, so why hasn’t it been implemented in the web player and the media players?


Dear Plex,
Do you read and actually respond to your customer feedback?
We want gapless playability.
Can you at least tell us why you can’t do it when other media players are more than capable.


Winamp had gapless playback more than 10 years ago. Why can’t Plex do it?


It would be nice to have gapless. I’m listening to the Queen II album and the gaps are jarring.
That said - lifetime pass holder - big supporter. Thanks for what you do!


While it is unfortunate that the main players do not have it, if you are on Windows, Linux, or Mac, you can use Plexamp to get gapless playback. Unfortunately, there are not options for Android (and possibly iOS if they don’t already have gapless playback) users.