Gapless Playback on Plex Media Player 1.2.0 (Windows)



Does Gapless Playback on Plex Media Player 1.2.0 (Windows) exist? If so, how to use it?

Also trying how to repeat an album or playlist on Plex Media Player?




Also very interested in this answer.


Not implemented yet, but it’s on our list.


Great to know - any ETA? Many thanks!!


Please say you are also adding gapless playback to the web player as well. Listening to Abbey Road without it is a crime.


Any idea on the ETA for gapless music playback in Media Player?


Was wondering this as well.


Good to know it’s being worked on.


Just knowing its on the list makes me happy. There are very few things I ask for in life, and even fewer from Plex. This software is getting so good, gapless playback will make it more fun to set up playlists, I’m going to feel like a DJ, I hope it comes with an update in 2017.


We can only hope it actually becomes a reality and soon and on all platforms!


Still waiting for this to become a reality.


Yeah it’s pretty unbelievable it doesn’t exist yet. In this day age it is a requirement, not an afterthought.


Please add gapless playback soon.


Looking forward to this development. It will be the icing on the cake for this already awesome software


Yes, would love to have this feature! How can we get this on the top of the todo list?


Is this actually going to happen?


@hahacharade said:
Is this actually going to happen?

I highly doubt it if this thread started in 2012 is any indication…


Any ETA on gapless playback support on all platforms?


Is anyone for Plex watching this?


It’s partially implemented, but until it’s complete it will take a while.