Stuck in full-screen mode - "Exit Full Screen" effectively does nothing



I tend to go in and out of full-screen mode a lot. I only enter full screen when I'm watching something. However, I somehow got to the point where "exit full screen" just gives me the same window, with no title bar. I can use alt+space -> Move the window down, but there's still no title bar to resize or move. I can also alt+space -> Size, but once I go fullscreen again, once I exit full screen, it still takes up the whole screen.

I also can't find any button to close/quit the app from within the app.

Same as this guy:


I just experienced this myself.
I found a workaround, though it’s not perfect:

Close the Plex Media Player and navigate to C:\Users\Username\AppData\Local\PlexMediaServer. Open the file plexmediaplayer.conf within Notepad.
Look for the following line: “fullscreen”: true, and replace with “fullscreen”: false,. Save changes.

Plex Media Player should now run in Windowed Mode once again.
I suspect, but haven’t confirmed, that this ‘fullscreen’ value is tied to the TV Mode’s setting of the same name so you might be able to do this from within the Player’s UI directly.