Stuttering video but Audio sounds fine



I have h.265 1080p movies running fine on all the players in my house except for on my 2 xbox one S. both are showing the server as nearby and are direct streaming the content like all of my other players (Roku, Web on PC, PC plex player, and amazon fire TV). the Xboxs are the only ones having the playback issues of the h.265 movies. any fixes for this issue? i would really like to not have to re-rip my movies in h.264 just because my xboxs are not playing the content correctly. the issue I'm having is that the videos are stuttering rapidly but they sound fine.


Yes, this is happening to me, too. Xbox One X from a Synology NAS. Player and server software are up to date. h.265/AC3 5.1 1080p. No transcoding.

Really fast stuttering, like it’s dropping frames but the audio is fine.


I have the same issue, identical set up. I don’t think this issue has been answered or addressed. Please advise.