Subtitles on by default for 1 out of 3 PS4s



I have 3 PS4s in my household (Two Original and 1 Pro) that I have connected to my Plex server locally. All 3 are hardwired to the same router and the PC which my PMS is on is also hardwired to the same router.

The problem I have is that one of the Original PS4 consoles forces subtitles no matter what I do. I have triple checked that all 3 have the same settings in the PS4 Plex app and no matter what I do it seems to not change anything for the PS4 in question. Are there any settings on the console itself that I should be changing? I'm at the end of my wits here and I've spent many hours on Reddit/Plex Forums and even Google trying to figure out what could be the issue.

My main motivation for this to get fixed is that I'm running into the "error undefined code -2140536828" and from what I gather some people have had success with disabling subs. It's also the only Ps4 in my household that doesn't run Direct Play which I also haven't been able to figure out.