Subtitles without transcoding (PS4 and Xbox One)


I know there are a bunch of forums about this, but can't find much info on if this will ever happen.

Will the Plex app for PS4 and Xbox One (have both in the house, different rooms) be able to display subtitles without transcoding? As it stands, I have had to encode all my movies which have non-english parts, to burn in the subtitles for those parts. In addition, if I don't have the choice of putting subtitles on if I need to be particularly quiet or something.

Is this something that will eventually be implemented into the apps? Is this the case for all Plex apps for other devices, or is this issue isolated to PS4 and Xbox?


Some Plex apps support Direct Play of at least some subtitle formats, but I’ve looked and never found a comprehensive list.


These are the only nuggets of hope I know about on PS4:


thanks for you replies