Transcode not working (hardware and software)



Hello, i updated synology to last version, i removed PMS and reinstalled again to enable hardware transcoding, the problem now if i need to transcode something i get playback failed on kodi addon or shaka1001 error on plex web


if i start the playback with original quality and after change it works the transcode but only software :( no hardware, im running a xpenology with i5 7400 with ds916x boot


Please start a playback which requires transcoding, let it play for 15 seconds then stop playback and capture the logs.

Settings - Server - Help - Download Logs and attach the ZIP file it presents you

If you can provide information about the file being played (Get Info -> View XML is ideal) that would help. If not, what video codec ?


Here is the log it happend with 4K 1080p and more than 10 files, sometimes works if i stop it and put transcode after, and if works dont do hardware transcode :(


Please explain your hardware & base OS configuration. Are you running XPEnology? Dedicated or in VM?

Your system presents as an i5-7500. Synology does not manufacture any products with such a CPU.

I can see in your logs where PMS is not finding /dev/dri/renderD128. This explains why hardware transcoding isn't working for you


i have Xpenology with DSM 6.1.5, i have i5 7500 8gb DDR4 and ASrock H270, any idea how i can fix the renderD128 error¿


There's something with one of the ASRock chipsets which prevent hardware transcoding.
I do see mention of 'onboard video'. I'm out of touch with motherboards and BIOS settings. I don't know how XPE would handle detection of other video devices.

@trudge Do you know this chipset and if HW transcoding is accessible through it ?


the motherboard is this model: ASRock H270M-ITX/ac


on /dev folder no /dri folder :(


If there is no /dev/dri directory, the kernel (XPE DSM) doesn't detect the hardware. There are two possibilities, both of which are beyond what I can do:

a) There is no kernel driver to detect the GPU and create the dev entries
b) The motherboard / BIOS are preventing the kernel (XPE DSM) from seeing it


The gpu is a HD 630 i tried on bios to see some option and i only can put off the GPU and On no more option, so probably is the option A, some solution? :(


Unfortunately Yes, option A appears to apply to you.
Without the driver (a static driver built into the kernel), there is nothing which can be done