Transcoder failer... Anyone else seeing this problem ?


I have been using PMS with the Plex web app and iOS app for years. No issues. Just recently (in the last 45 days or so) began using Plex for Roku app. In the last week, I have been unable to watch / stream any of my MKV files is that require transcoding. The Roku transcoder health indicator is .2 or .3. Very low. Everything else checks out. What happened ????? (Running the newest version of PMS on W7 with plenty of cpu & Ram... at least until now)


I know you don't want to see this, but can you provide examples or more info? Do you have a Roku box or stick? Can you watch the same file with the baked in ROKU media player? (Its in the channels if its not pinned already).


Hi. It is a general failure. Cannot transcode to the Roku Express or the stick. I noticed that when I force the direct play the video seems fine by but there is no audio. It seems to have a problem with transcoding the audio from 5.1 to whatever the Roku express / stick will work with. Thanks for reading... I know it’s vague. I could try to post a log if you think that would help.


Update: rolled back to Working like a charm ! Of course I would rather have the newest version but I just couldn’t get it to work. Plex is how I watch movies now. Really dependent on it.


Hi I am at it again. I tried to upgrade to the newest version of Plex (Version running on W7 Sp1. Same old problem. The transcoding function barely works. Its unwatchable. I have to roll all the way back to a version from Aug 2017 (1.81) to be able watch any movies that have to be transcoded. That version works great Was some major change was made to the streaming brain or transcoder or am I the only one having this problem?