Trying to subscribe to Plex Pass but get error


I am trying to subscribe to Plex Pass for $4.99 a month but after providing my credit card info I get an error saying "Gateway Rejected: Fraud" credit card info is correct and I contacted my bank and there is no block on my card.

What could this issue be?


Use the contact form:
Select PlexPass Billing and provide as much detail as possible


I have the same problem. So, I am no longer a plex subscriber. First time since 2016. I even tried to pay with google play on my phone. Google play crashes when I try to pay in PLEX. Plex really needs to fix this problem. I tried 3 credit cards and 1 debit card. All are reported as fraud. Funny one is the same I have used for every single payment since I joined in 2016. I contacted PLEX the same way hthighway is suggesting. The help did not resolve the issue. I feel the plex is ok with losing subscribers.