Unable to Create Play Queue



I am running a Plex Media server and have Raspberry Pi's with RasPlex on several TV's. I want to play playlists around the TV's in our office but when I start the playlist multiple TV's generate the error "Unable to Create Play Queue." I'll give an example. I'm using the iOS app to control the TV's and it seems like the only tv that does not get the message is the last one I started. Can anyone help me troubleshoot this issue? I can provide more info as needed.


Are you clonning the instalación or you did a clean install on each?


I did a clean installation on each one.


I'm getting a similar issue with mine. I run a python script from another raspberry pi on my network to schedule and control playback on the RasPlex device. Sometimes when some media starts, this error pops up. In my case, the media plays fine, with no issues, but is covered by the dialogue box displaying the error.


Just to give some closure to this issue, I have thus far been able to work around the problem by using the tv remote to control each TV. Alternatively I can also use the remote function on the iOS app as well with no adverse warning messages.