Update issues? v1.13.2.5149



So for the past week my SHIELD server has been disappearing. Upon investigation the server was stopping and not restarting My first attempt at a fix was restart the SHIELD then it was to sign out and back in. Then I tried uninstalling the most recent update that worked for a day or so. Today it automatically updated and disappeared again so I figured that if uninstalling the update again worked last time I'll try it again, it didn't. So I manually updated resulting in me having to setup the server again. OK I wasn't happy about it but fine. Now in the process of adding my libraries back it has disappeared yet again. To which I thought maybe a restart will do the trick...well that didn't work and the icing on the cake I have to ONCE AGAIN setup my server from scratch. Anybody else having issues ?


yes, this has happened to me now more than once. fixed it then new updates arrive and i’m in a crash loop again. i’m pretty done with pms on shield. it’s unstable and unreliable.


So is the Emby server available on the SHIELD?


Never had this problem. Works after every update