Using Multiple HDHomeRun tuners


Hopefully someone has solved this issue already.

I have two HDHomeRun devices (each with 2 tuners inside). They are connected to two different antennas. Device A receives all stations, but one channel is not especially good. Unfortunately it is the one my wife likes to watch. So I set up device B connected to another antenna to receive that one station. I added both devices to Plex and unchecked the one poor station on both tuners in device A and checked only the one station in both tuners in device B. However, Plex keeps going back to device A to record the bad station. I have tried removing the devices, scanning, unplugging the devices and prayer. No joy! Can anyone suggest how i can fix this problem. Thanks. Harvey


Hi, I ran into the same issue, I had 2 different channels each of which would only come in clearly if I moved my antenna to a certain direction, I got a second HDHomerun to try just that, but plex is not compatible using 2 different devices, it always uses the first in the list to record from.
My solution was to get a better antenna, I purchased a omni directional antenna because the signals were coming from a few degrees off of each other, once I installed the new antenna outside and facing the correct direction, I did a scan from my original HDHomerun 2 tuner box and now get all channels, after a few fine tuning moves of the antenna, I get no OTA signal issues.

You can still add the second unit in, and when a third channel is required it will use the second tuner box, so giving you 4 channels to view from.


I’m no expert on this issue. I only have one hdhomerun extend tuner so please be nice cuz I’m just throwing ideas into the wind.

I would try uninstalling both tuners and install tuner B with antenna B first. Then install tuner A with antenna A second.

If that one channel is the only problem channel then it should default record to tuner B instead of tuner A like it currently does.

(I considered getting a second tuner because my current tuner can only record 2 channels at a time. So please ignore this option if you have 2 tuners for that reason.)

To understand your issue better I tried to research a little and I found a few articles with methods of how to put 2 antennas together to increase reception.

Hope you figure out the issue and it doesn’t just fix itself. (I hate that) :-)