Vertical band distortion along right side of TV with PS3 for 480p and SD video



When streaming MP4 video from Plex on my Mac to my PS3, I get a vertical band of distortion from top to bottom along the right side of the screen. If I switch the video settings so that Plex transcodes the video instead of allowing direct play I still get the distortion but it’s slightly thinner. It’s not the white line that I’ve seen other users report previously. I can see the video playing behind the band but it’s like it’s smeared and distorted so it’s not like a solid black line. Other devices that I stream from Plex play these files perfectly. It does not do this for 720p video, only 480p or SD video have the vertical banding. Attached are two examples to illustrate the issue. I’m running Plex server on Mac OS 10.12.6


I am having this issue as well. So far shows up on videos listed as SD. My video listed as 480p are fine. This is so far only noticeable on the PS3.