Video not playing on Xbox One Plex... plays fine everywhere else



Hello All,

I did search to see if there was a question like mine asked already but I didn't see any, but I'll apologize in advance if this is a duplicate question.

I have an mkv video file that I'm trying to watch. It plays fine through the VLC player on both my macbook and my windows desktop pc. It plays fine if I access it through the plex web site. When I try to run it on the Xbox One Plex app though, I press play and it just goes to a black screen. No sound, no video, nothing. The Plex app is NOT locked up as it still lets me pause or attempt to fast forward or rewind. Its just that nothing actually happens with regards to this video.

So far its the only video I've had this problem with. So naturally I got a different version of the video, thinking perhaps there was an encoding error of some sort. But no, the same things happens. But again, if I attempt to watch the video with anything other than the xbox one plex app, its perfectly fine.

Has this happened before? Anyone know why this may be happening?



I ran into the same problem this weekend. Not sure what was specific about the file that made it fight with the Xbox One S. Played fine on every other platform of Plex.


It wasnt by chance Star Trek Discovery S01E03 by chance?


Having this issue while I type...and it does just so happen to be S01E03 of Star Trek Discovery.


I have gotten 4 different versions of the file. 4 similar yet different encoding styles/methods varying from 280 megs, up to 1.5 gigs. It works on every form of Plex except Xbox1 :( But THAT is the one I need it to work on!


Maybe post logs and asks the Devs to look