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Hit there,

in my timeline view some videos are not arranged correctly. Some of them are placed in 1970-01-01 and some in 2036-02-06. Is that a bug? Change date and modify date are available for these files. What are the creterias to arrange videos?


Need lots more info… MP4 by any chance?


I have the same issue. I don’t really think much more info is needed to answer the question: “What data does Plex use to sort photos and videos in the timeline view?”

I ask because even if I update the exif data and file modified/created dates for photos and refresh, nothing changes. For videos, since there is no exif data, what does Plex key off of?


Did you ever figure out what data is used for sorting videos in timeline view? Camera upload from plex iOS app sets the date for all videos to the current date if they are stored in icloud.

I tried using exiftool to modify all date metadata fields, but they still show up under the wrong date. It’s extremely annoying and a potential deal breaker for me if I can’t script a fix.


Yes that’s a big problem. Plex seems to use the file date instead of metadata. Can this be fixed?


Just double checked this. Turns out these videos weren’t even stored in icloud at all. For some reason the plex shows downloading info from icloud, but i’m not even storing anything there! Looks like most if not all of my videos are just stored with the date of upload with no way to fix it!

It’s funny because plex actually renamed the file to the date and timestamp that the video was actually taken, but then does something special to completely mess it up in timeline view. Booooo!!!


Same issue for me. I have tried to change creation and modified date and also tried to add EXIF Date with ACDSEE but without any change at all


Same. It would be great if they can fix this. I bet it’s a bug.


An issue with videos date/time got fixed in Plex Media Server
Release Notice

  • (Photos) Videos added via Camera Upload have the wrong date on iOS (#7517).

If there are still issues with newly uploaded videos, please provide information / attributes / samples / outcomes