Visualizers don't load for me in PlexAmp


I'm having quite a few bugs in PlexAmp; library radio and time travel radio does not work. They either show the last played song (doesn't even play it) or show nothing (if there was nothing recently played).

Clicking the VIZ just blurs the art and does nothing, no matter what visualizer I select in the settings.


Actually, rechecking all the visualizers, only Pulsar Joy works, which is really sad since It’s the least exciting of all the visualizer pictures I’ve seen online.


The same goes for me none of the viz work other than Pulsar Joy. This is on my Win 10 laptop which is a locked down and does have duel video.


Exactly the same for me. Only the one visualizer is working, Pulsar Joy. Plexamp is in need of some refinement but generally I love where it looks like it’s gong. I just wish it was already there. I really hope they make this a full blown part of the plex ecosystem.