What do I do if the volume in Plexamp is super low compared to other applications?


I'm having an issue with Plexamp (love this app by the way). When playing music, everything is about 30% of the volume that it should be. If I play music from any other sound source, it's roughly 3 times louder, about the expected volume level based on what I'm used to. I double checked the application mixer in Windows 10 and all my sound playback/output settings are in order.

Thank you.


This is standard behavior due to loudness leveling. If you wish to disable this feature you can edit the server.json file as per the FAQ/release notes to turn it off, but most people just turn the volume up for the other benefits the leveling provides :smiley:


The issue is when another audio source starts and I get blasted out or wake everyone up in the house.


On windows i can't find the server.json file.


You might want to check the application volume isn’t turned down. The volume leveling shouldn’t make THAT much of a difference. To check the volume, right click the speaker icon in the notification tray and select “Open Volume Mixer”. The Plexamp volume will be listed under “mpd.exe”


I know how to use the volume mixer, thanks though. I'll probably start looking for an alternative. I don't see a good reason for plexamp to be lower volume than plex.


There is a good reason: volume leveling. Plexamp can make all the songs be of the same loudness. In order to do that without causing distortion, the overall volume needs to be a bit lower.

3 times lower however, sounds a bit much.

Try this: start playback in Plexamp. Then hold down the CTRL+Alt keys and tap repeatedly onto the Cursor-Up key on your keyboard.


I have a different, maybe opposite, problem: I’m on macOS and playing out onto USB speakers. Plexamp is much louder than other audio sources. With PlexWeb or VLC or other sources, I have volume controls to lower the volume from the source app, so it works okay. with PlexAmp, there is no volume control so is just loud, even when I have the USB speakers turned all the way down.

Can this be controlled in the json file too?



I hunted again in the FAQ and, while the “Change Volume” section says use your computers controls (which doesn’t work for my USB output), there was the keybindings section that says:

Volume Up or Down:

  • Win: Control+Alt+Up / Control+Alt+Down
  • Mac: Command+Option+Up / Command+Option+Down

These keybindings work for me, so posting here for others to know about.


You can also disable the leveling via JSON tweak as well if you don’t like it :slight_smile:

Some audio interfaces don’t have hardware volume controls (e.g. my Cambridge AudioDAC 100) but the key commands are soft volume controls.