Which android remote control for OpenPHT?



Can anyone suggest what to use as an android remote for OpenPHT?
I have one using an IR control but need one for another install that would use a non-ir based remote.
Any suggestions?


Yeah I don't think anyone gives a crap. I've been searching for months for someway to connect to OpenPHT from android. Plex app and no other "remotes" meant for plex don't even recognize OpenPHT (linux) as a valid player..
Since OpenPHT is my only option (Linux user) I'm hosed...
I wouldn't be surprise if alexa didn't even work with linux version....

However the android plex app works perfectly fine with the windows version... of course.
It even comes with a widget you can place on a screen.
Likely any remote app that functions with plex will work in the windows version.


What about a Harmony Hub system and just using the Harmony app on the phone? I do that and it works pretty well at controlling my entire stack, included my embedded OpenPHT box.


the plex app works for me…


@fourtwentybuddy said:
the plex app works for me…

Exactly, works flawlessly. Gotta say that I use OpenPHT embedded on a Chromebox, dunno if this is important.