Why has there been no improvements on the Plex app for PS4



I still can't believe a lot of these issues that everyone seems to have, have not been resolved yet.

I set my whole living room up with my PS4 being the main player of my media for use with my projector and I'm continually let down by it when we try to have a movie night and have to resort back to using the samsung tv app.

On the PS4 I have continual buffering issues, crashing and last night was told that there wasn't enough CPU to transcode the movie I was trying to watch.

Plex is such a great utility and have no issues when using it with my TV or Firestick... why can improvements not be made for the PS4 version??


PS4 Plex app is garbage.

Apple TV4K on the other hand, no regrets.


Are there plans on fixing the PS4 Plex app? The buffering occurs even on low bitrate streams


I know it doesn’t solve your PS4 problem specifically, but consider something like the Amazon Fire TV instead. Yes, I know you paid big money for the PS4, and it’s almost intolerable that something as basic as media streaming doesn’t work well with the Plex app . But consider that the Fire TV (or similar device), is dedicated for streaming, mature, and won’t be superseded by the PS5, PS6, etc. I have the PS4 Pro and the Xbox OneX, but the Fire TV is my go device to for streaming media consumption, and has never let me down – and it’s cheap.


The latest version of plex has broken subtitle support for me. I am severely deaf in both ears and can only hear out of one with a ■■■■■■ hearing aid. I rely on subtitles heavily and plex works fine with them just not on my gaming device in my room… the PS4. I feel your frustration.