Will Plex come to Sky Q ?



I understand the new Sky Q box that will come out in February 2016 will support apps. It would be wonderful to add Plex to the box, making TV watching even easier as we then those who have the box do not need to move to a third party / another box to watch Plex


Ditty, would live Plex to make an appearance. (if it all posssible, and if Sky's new app platform on Sky Q is really open)


Just having my SkyQ installed now.

Putting a good Plex client on it with good multi channel audio support would be an excellent idea.



I suspect the channel on SkyQ is driven by Roku akin to NowTV, albeit with an even more restricted store.

I'd love to see PLEX there. Sky are launching a new NOWTV box later this year which is based on the ROKU4 but also includes a terrestrial tuner. When we see PLEX on NOWTV will be the indicator that it may come to SkyQ at some point.


This thread is a year or so old now. Has anything change or is there still no Plex.. Just having Sky Q fitted. Thanks


Now Sky Q have announced that they will be integrating Netflix into their system, is there now a chance of a Plex app being developed for Sky Q?
I would love to be able to access everything from 1 system with 1 remote control.