Xbox 360 app bugs- subtitles and user sign-in



Hi Plex community,
I'm trying to use an Xbox360 as a plex client, but there are some small but annoying bugs I'm hitting. I'm wondering if anyone has found a fix for these:
1. New media on my server - that is, media that I haven't streamed before - always plays with subtitles,.despite the 360 app saying "none" subtitles. I must turn subtitles on, buffer, and then turn them off again to watch the media subtitle-free. I have confirmed that my Xbox360 console settings are for closed captions to be off as well. My server subtitle settings are for subtitles with foreign audio, but Plex recognizes the files to have an english audio track. Furthermore, the same media does not hit the same issue on any other app, which would suggest it's not a server settings issue. Anybody know what's going on?
2. This has been reported by other users, but is there any way to have it default to my profile on launch, rather than forcing me to enter my pin every time? I'm the only user on my xbox, and the "king" of my household group. Others had suggested it's an issue with xbox user accounts, but that doesn't apply to me.

Thanks in advance for any tips!


Add me to the list. I have the same problems with subtitles.


I am not sure if it is related but remember to read this faq:


I have the same subtitle issue on my 360. My Android units, and plex media players dont. Quite annoying.


Hit the subtitle issue there last night too


Also have the issue here where everything I watch on the Xbox 360 has subtitles on by default, even though it says "none".

Have to enable then disable subtitles to make them go away.


Having the same problem. Is there a fix for this?


I'm having this problem too, has a fix for the xbox 360 ever been discovered.