Your favorite movie title sequence



What are your favorite movie titles? Not referring to the name, but to the opening sequence that leads into the movie. For me, the first time I was made aware that there's a whole art to that sequence, was in director David Fincher's Se7en (1995). It was designed by Kyle Cooper, on the direction of Fincher, who went on to design some of the most creative titles in film and tv, and most recently made the titles for Hideo Kojima's video game Death Stranding with Norman Reedus of The Walking Dead fame. Here is Se7en's title sequence (warning - not for the faint of heart):

It sets the tone for the movie perfectly, and evokes an atmosphere of anonymous, disturbed serial killer John Doe being out there in the film's world, toying with Detectives Somerset and Mills. If you want to read more about its making of, there is a behind the scenes piece on the highly recommended website Art of the Title, which features a lot more title sequences and in-depth articles about how they were designed.


The Player (1992)

Non-stop 8 minutes.


Jurassic Park, but I'm bias because I just love this movie.


Good choices. What about title sequences that focus on design without showing too many scenes?