Accessing Live TV & DVR server settings



The server settings menu (Home>Server>Settings>)for my PMS on my Nvidia Shield TV Pro don't show a "Live TV & DVR" option. (My other 2 servers--a Mac and a Windows PC--do display the option, though.) Does anyone know why this may be or what I'm doing wrong?

Just got the Shield today. Plus I'm generally inept. Any help would be appreciated.


Login to your Google Play Store account. Find the Plex Media Server app and install it. The version that ships with the Shield is an old version, over one year old at this time.


Thanks so much for responding. That’s actually the first thing I did when setting it up. (I just checked again to make sure their aren’t any updates to the Plex app in the Google Play Store.)

I’m sure I’m missing something obvious. From my computer, when I select my Mac- or PC-based Plex Media Servers, I can see “Live TV & DVR” in the server settings menu (under “Extras”). But when I select the Shield, “Live TV & DVR” are missing. (BTW, I have an HDHR Connect, which is working fine with the HDHR app.)


Go to the Server Settings on the Shield. If you are running the version from the Google Play Store it should show: as shown below:

The version that ships with the Shield I believe is 1.4.3. if that is what you are seeing you need to click the install on the Plex Media Server app in the Google Play Store.


Thanks! I’m as grateful as I am dumb. I didn’t realize I needed to go to the Google Play Store on another device to install the latest version of Plex Media Server on the Shield. (I’m new to the Google ecosystem. Hopefully I’ll get my act together.) Everything’s working perfectly now. Sorry you had to explain twice for it to get through my thick skull. I really appreciate your help.