After Cinema Trailer Movie starts 2.30 in instead of at the beginning



Recently my Shield TV when playing a movie after the cinema trailer will start the movie 2.30 in to the film for no reason that I can understand. Any thoughts much appreciated


I have this exact same issue. The movie starts at random times (whatever the length of the cinema trailer)
Cinema Trailer = 03:10 >> movie starts at 03:10
Cinema Trailer = 02:12 >> movie starts at 02:12 etc…


Thanks for reporting.


Another thread on this same issue. It mentions a fix. not sure if it actually resolves the issue or not.


The comment in that thread is not a fix but a workaround. A fix has been implemented. Please update your Plex client. See my comment in that thread for more details.


I have the same issue on the NVIDIA SHIELD latest android version 7.0.0


@Purger1975 said:
I have the same issue on the NVIDIA SHIELD latest android version 7.0.0

I’m not able to reproduce. Can you try again and get me the app and PMS logs?


Hi MovieFan, logs attached…
Thanks for the help.


I just want to point that issue is present only after playing cinema trailers from internet (new in cinemas).
When playing only local trailers (localy stored in my library), movie starts from beginning.


MovieFan, did you find any usefull in the logs that I send you?


Any update?


Sorry. I do see in your log where the playback of the movie starts at the offset of the trailer. However, I’m not able to reproduce it myself. Still trying.


Just try to set up cinema trailers from internet, not local trailers. Local trailers works without problem. EDIT: local trailers are problem as well.
Plax app android NVIDIA Shield version: 7.0.3
Plex server windows 7 version:

When I try to setup preroll video, it doesn’t play at all (after trailers played) , just infinite spining circle…


Ok, I just performed a small test. I have uninstall all updates and try to play movie with app that was shipped with Nvidia Shield. All is well. Trailers played perfectla, and the movie was played from beginning.
Then, I performed Plex android app update. After that, bug is present again.

I have noticed that my movie (Tomb raider) was marked as watched (palyed), after trailer for Tomb raider was played before man movie (Anihilation). Is this a new bug? I mean, this app is unusuable with that bug (movie marked as watched when trailer for this movie was played before completely another movie).