Plex Movie starts 2-3 mins from the start after trailers



Hi all, has anyone come across an issue, where a trailer is played (for e.g. 02:12 minutes) and then finished playing, the movie is supposed to start at the beginning, it resumes from 02:12 minutes (length of the trailer), instead of the beginning. (00:00)? This happens on any movie I play and any random trailer that is selected by Plex.

I have a PMS installed on the Shield (2105) and the data is stored on my Windows Home Server 2016.

Any help appreciated.


I forgot to mention, Plex Media Server version ( and Plex Player ( Both updated on a regular basis.


Just a quick update, that this is issue is still present, even after updating to NV Shield Plex Media Server version:


Well, this has been driving me crazy for a while now. It didn’t always behave in his way, but I have the same annoying problem.


This was reported some time ago and should have been fixed. Please double check your PMS version.


@MovieFan.Plex, thanks for your reply. When you state “Please double check your PMS version”, …I already have.
The current release I have installed is 1.10.14602. Please advise what version this issue was fixed in?



Sorry, it was not a PMS issue. The issue that was previous reported was for one of the Beta releases of the Android app. I can’t find exactly which version, but it should be fixed. If you are seeing this issue still, maybe the bug has come back. Please let me know which version of the app you have and I’ll see if I can reproduce.


The Plex version on the NV Shield is (bb34b27a) I appreciate you helping out. :thumbsup:


I have the same version and also using a Nvidia Shield (PMS on PC).