Audio Popping, Crackling and Static when using Plex with Chromecast



Whenever I use PLEX to cast video to my Chromecast device I get a Audio Popping, Crackling and Static noise coming from the speakers at seemingly random intervals.

For Troubleshooting I've tried:
- Buying a new Chromecast
- Changing the TV that the Chromecast is plugged into
- I have no trouble streaming the same video files from my computer to my Xbox 360, Tablet, Android phone or through the web

Some video files work OK with the Chromecast while others seem to cause more issues.

It seems to be something to do with the interaction between Chromecast and PLEX. Perhaps a transcoding issue?

Nothing seems to make it go away but perhaps there's some setting that I may have missed?


I've noticed a similar issue lately, I thought it was the files themselves but confirmed on a PC the files are ok. I'm not using a Chromecast however so maybe its the server causing it?


We're having the same issue, tried a different tv and so on. Pretty damn annoying :(




Same problems here. Random crackles. Verified files are OK on computer. Also, Nvidia Shield plays the same file flawless, yet Chromecast will not (and sometimes seems to skip at same points, but not always)


found a possible workaround, but needs testing.
I've greatly reduced the birdconcert of chirps, squeeks and pops by forcing the audio downmixing to stereo.

To try this for yourself, find the file Chromecast.xml in C:\Program Files (x86)\Plex\Plex Media Server\Resources\Profiles (on a windows system), and change the line
<UpperBound name="audio.channels" value="6"
<UpperBound name="audio.channels" value="2"
Exit the Plex Media Server & restart it.

Obviously you will lose surround sound, as any audio will get downmixed to stereo.

Your mileage may vary, so keep this thread updated with your results?


Anyone find a fox for this. The above fix for changing the value didn't work for me.

Also gone through my setting and can't seem to find anything that changes it.

Went to a friend house with a similar setup. The same movies cause the same issue but on his setup he has a newer 2015 Chromecast and it doesn't happen on that device only the older Chromecast which is all I have at my place.

A recent server update cause this issue cause I can't seem to figure any of it out.


By any chance is the movie "The Intern" ?? That was one that did it nonstop for me, as well as a few others just cant remember which ones.


Yes, it is. Also straight outta Compton does it. But the intern has been my main testing movie.

I rolled my plex media server back 2 versions and it still happening. Maybe guessing Chromecast firmware issue now? Since it only happens on the older version and not the newer one in my testing my guess is they run different firmware.


Also having this issue recently. I'm having it with Fargo season 1/2 only that I've noticed


Count me in as someone else having this issue. Works great on everything but ChromeCast.
Everything was working fine, and then sometime around a month or so ago, popping started happening. I stayed on an older version of Plex for a long time due to people complaining about issues. My guess is then that it either a ChromeCast change (most probable) occured or maybe updating my Plex app on Android has something related (doubtful). UGH!!!!!!!!!!


Have the same problem. Works on every other device exept Chromecast gen 1.

Everthing worked ok for about 2-3weeks ago, and now these movies/series have 'jitter'.



Me too ( with Chromecast gene 1 ) .
Everything has worked well for years, but for 2-3 weeks ago it became recurring noise.
It happens to MP4 movies. AVI and MKV seems to work.


It seems to be mp3 audio codec. Get noice if I play MP3 and MP4.


Update: some mp4 works and some not


update : works ok to stream through chrome to chromecast...but not plex server > plex app (chromecast)


I have the same problem with flac : cracking sound
mp3 works well


Tried to stream "Google Chrome > Google Cast > Chromecast > TV" without any problems.


I think I found the error. In all of the files that it occurs a noise, there are both "Stream Identifier 1" and "Stream Identifier 2". One for video and one for audio.
Chromecast does not seem to handle two steaming.

All files that work has only "Stream Identifier 1".

Looks Plex developers what we write here?


Has found a way around the problem.
Start the server, open Plex Android app, connect chromecast.
Start the movie (MP4 in my case), immediately remove the window that opens.

Everything flows, sound prolemet is gone!
Tried several movies I had problems with, work all the time.