Auto download subtitles in Nvidia Shield



I was running Plex on Intel NUC but recently shifted to Shield. I have tried all the possible solutions in forums but I still cant get the auto subtitles download working.

Settings > Player > Burn Subtitles > Always
Settings > Server > Agents > Movies > Plex Movie > (username password entered) enabled
Settings > Server > Agents > Shows > The TVDB > (username password entered) enabled

In TV Library the agent is The TVDB selected. In Movie library the agent is Plex Movie selected.

I did "refresh all metadata" in both libraries but still subs are not showing. However the subs used to show in my NUC Plex.


Did you try subzero subtitle server?


Thanks for this. Atleast something to get subtitles. However, I would still prefer something like in Kodi. You press a buttong and it shows all subtitles and you choose which one to download and it will pick up immediately.