Can Plex DVR record two programmes simultaneously using the HDHomeRun CONNECT - model HDHR4-2DT ?


Since the HDHomeRun CONNECT - model HDHR4-2DT has two tuners, can Plex DVR record two programmes simultaneously using this device?


yes it can record two programs at once


I have the mentioned HDHR connect and when I'm trying to schedule a 2nd recording airing at the same time it tells me it has a conflict. In my DVR settings I can clearly see Tuner 1 showing percentage of a current recording and the Tuner 2 - available. Not sure what I need to do for it to be able to record 2 shows simultaneously. Any advice?


Is anyone planning on answering this question? Plex DVR does not appear to be able to record two shows at once unless there is some instructions on how to set this up that I cannot find. Any hints?


Hello - just got a HDHomerun Extend to replace the HDHomerun Connect in order to offload transcoding from the server. The device has 2 tuners but so far recording 2 overlapping programs does not seem possible. Last night my Plex server fell over some time during the night and I am assuming it was when it tried to execute 2 concurrent recording processes. I will keep experimenting but in the mean time has anyone else had any luck/problems using this hardware to record 2 shows at the same time?



I have the same problem any suggestions?


@BigDaddyMoe said:
I have the same problem any suggestions?

What occurs if you were to try to record from the HDHR Connect system itself?
This will rule out plex as an issue or point the issue at your plex settings
Its possible you may need to setup transcode folder on your plex
possibly turn off recording from removing commericials
I suggest trying the first and see if your have not issues recording two shows bypassing plex


I've got two Extends on two different servers and record two programs concurrently all the time. I however am running an old, old version of Plex Media Server.


I got HDHR Connect Quatro and having the same problem when trying to record simultaneous shows. Only one show is recorded. I have no problem with other dvr solution.


its crazy how no one from plex has yet to comment on this, if there is no way to do this they should look into this


@hthighway said:
yes it can record two programs at once

hthighway, Seems you are the only successful person to do this. Can you enlighten everyone else?


Anything new on this?

I got 8 tuners and I'm also unable to record two shows at the same time... very sad :(


I am new to Plex (just purchased about a week or two ago) so take this with a grain of salt I guess.

I am using:
Model: HDHR4-2US
Firmware: 20180327
Plex Server Version
Plex Web Version 3.55.3
Windows 10 with web client

Have just been testing for the past couple of days and I have recorded two shows simultaneously on 2 different channels.

What I do have a problem with though is the auto deletion of recorded shows. I have them all set to only keep 1 episode. Some shows will adhere to that while others seem to not.