Casting Live TV to ChromeCast


Is there any reason why this is still not an option ?
This would make my TV life a lot happier and make the live TV part of Plex immensely more usable.

Thank you


yeah, I think its a bit silly that you cant cast live tv if it's not in the scope ill happily cancel my monthly subscription.

Plex is this something your planning on doing in the near future????


Adding to this, I have a home full of Chromecasts. What is the best alternative so Live TV would work in the current state of Plex? I tried a FireTV stick, but these sticks don't boot up into a castable state by default. For example, I have to start the FireTV, then open the Plex app for it to become visable on my network as a castable device. This also negates CEC, where with CEC on, when I cast to a chromecast, the TV powers on and switches to the proper input.

What other devices aside from Chromecasts are enough of a purpose built solution that also have LiveTV support?


Also adding to this. I picked up an HDHomeRun Extend and an annual Plex Pass for the explicit purpose of live TV with my Chromecasts that are on literally every TV in the house. I was severely disappointed by the lack of Chromecast support. I know it's documented when I looked back, but the wording is a bit hazy.

In my mind when I bought the HDHomeRun, the only devices that needed to support Live TV would be the Plex Server itself. So when Linux support was added for the Live TV functionality, I figured that was all I needed (My Plex server has been running on CentOS for years). Never would I have assumed that the "dumb" receiver (Chromecast) also needs to support it. It wasn't very intuitive, and the documentation really needs to clarify that one of the most popular streaming devices on the market today is not supported.

I really need to know if this is even on the roadmap. Otherwise, I need to return this HDHomeRun before the return window closes. Is this a technical limitation (as in, it'll never be possible), or is this just a priority issue, meaning I have to be patient?


+1. Seriously, do this already. My HDHomeRun is basically eating electrons for nothing right now...


Just wanted to bump this -- I can cast Live TV to the Chromecast plugged into my DBPOWER T20 projector and get video but no sound. I don't know what to blame just yet, but this thread leads me to believe it's not fully supported?

EDIT: Looks like it's not yet supported.


Please get on this, Plex. Live TV is useless to me at the moment without it.


Well this totally just ruined my cable cutting plans... Plex dev's need to fix this


Woah! Just bought a dumb tv and a chromecast with my HD HomeRun. Now I read this... Get it together guys!


@tendonut said:
I picked up an HDHomeRun Extend and an annual Plex Pass for the explicit purpose of live TV with my Chromecasts that are on literally every TV in the house

Same here... kind of disappointed as Android TV is supported, I don't understand why the Chromecast is not. I suppose it's a good one but difficult to understand for a novice user :smile:

Any feedback from the Plex team will be greatly appreciated.


I bought the HDHomeRun with the intent of casting to my Chromecast through Plex. I'd really like to see this feature implemented!


I finally decided to retire my six year old HTPC that had a TV Tuner in it and Windows 7 WMC make the switch to Plex Live TV and my Chromecasts. Bought a AVerMedia AVerTV Volar Hybrid Q from Amazon for $50 and got it installed and Plex recognizing it and even had it record a show. Went to sit down and loaded my Plex app on my phone and wanted to cast a Live TV Show and I get a error message saying: "Live TV playback is not currently supported when connected to a remote player."

Really disappointed and would encourage development to push this along.