Change media file name without creating "new" item


It used to be possible to rename a file, such as a movie, and have Plex refresh and see that new filename without triggering Plex to show it as a recently added item.

Currently, if I change a file name (say, 'Blade Runner.mkv' to 'Blade Runner (1982)') and do a library Scan, Plex treats it as a new item.

Is there any way to get around this?


works for me… I’ve recently re-named a whole TV show with all its episodes and all items remained ok in the Plex library. To me it appears this is working as long as Plex can immediately match it to the existing record in the database. For Plex this is not as if you rename the file but it’ll find a new file matching the existing record (so it’ll add the file to that record); during the same run it won’t find the old file name and therefore remove that file… as there’s a new file linked to the record, it won’t delete the entire record from your database/library.

Did you have the original Blade Runner.mkv properly mapped to the actual movie (metadata and posters downloaded by Plex)?


Figured it out. In that specific instance I had copied a new compression of the video over (with the new name), then deleted the old copy. Then I went and scanned the Library again. I assumed this would be the same as renaming but Plex didn’t think so. Treated it like a new copy.

Renaming first, scanning library, then copying new video over seemed to do the trick.