Completely Hosed, and can't reset: Even a full uninstall, removing registrys, etc.....


(on windows 10), Plex version

Ok, this is just maddening.

I went through the install process, and everything proceeded just fine. I got my pictures and music scanned properly from my system.

I then discovered though that the server data file is actually located in %localappdata%. This is on my NVMe SSD and was edging upward to half a gig, and there's no need for that stuff to be occupying such an expensive and fast drive, so I changed it's server data directory (by using "advanced settings") to my slower but large drive in F:\Plex Server Data.

Nothing Happened< I waited. And >Nothing Happened<. The %localappdata% directory was huge.

So I went through the reset instructions

  1. Stopping Server
  2. Uninstalling Plex from control panel
  3. Removing the registry entry you mention
  4. Physically deleting the installation directory.
  5. Physically deleting the directory in %localappdata%.

And I reinstalled. NOW (and this is bonkers):

  1. Adding my pictures directory will only show the pictures that WEREN'T yet scanned in the very first time I ran (before moving from %localappdata% to F:\Plex Server Data.)
  2. Adding my Music shows nothing (perhaps because it thinks It's already in the library?)

Bunch of observations:

  1. When I logged into Plex, it seems to have "found" my old server, long since defunct----the machine doesn't even exist any longer. But I ask to delete that one and am using a new one now (under the same name).

2. I am getting notifications of pictures added that don't belong to me!!!!. (Huh?)

  1. Suggestion: Guys, you really need to consider doing what many other software manufacturers did a long time ago (I'm a long-time software engineer). Provide an "Uber Reset" app to remove all traces of everything Plex based from my system and the online information so that I can start again from a known place.

Anyone have any ideas about this?????????????