Duplicate Films



I have a plex server running on a Seagate NAS. When direct access through the server my library has 268 movies (which is correct). But when I access through my xbox or iphone app has 355 movies, many duplicate movies.
I do not know what to do anymore, I've already asked the server to update the whole library, but it does not go on like this. Can someone help me?


Are you sure you are not counting the in-line collections?


no my friend


let’s share some more details on your setup – what version of PMS, client apps do you use, maybe a screenshot from those apps?


This also is an issue for me only for the Xbox One app. My PlayStation 4 app has no problem with duplicate movies. Why is the Xbox One so bad and hard to navigate? I hate the new collection feature. Wish there is a way to avoid it.


Hi there. This is related to the collections feature. You can change this behaviour by going to the Plex Web app, and editing your library. The relevant option is shown below.


Thank you very much for your post. I made the change, and then I was able to delete all of the empty collections that were not listed in the collection filter. Now I’m seeing what I actually have, and I appreciate your help making that happen :slight_smile:


Sorry to pile on to another persons question, but this seems to mirror my own question which I couldn’t work out a relevant section to post to.

I [rather others in the house] noticed in the past month [? I’m guessing since I last ran a PMS update] that when they look at movie libraries which contain what I would call a series [but I’m assuming are a recognised ‘collection’] they are seeing an individual entry (eg: The Hobbit) which when selected shows no details and when played seems to launch from what they felt was a random spot.

I’m assuming what I’m describing is the collections feature? And the instruction on how to disable it will fix it. Odd that this is visible through clients (Android, XboxOne) but not web interface.

As a RFI: the icon/tile that represents the collection needs to differentiate itself from the standalone titles because there appears no obvious visual cue to what is being listed and further the sort order of the collection item will not fall into order with the individual collection members where custom sort order has been set.


@jungwirth: yes… that’s the new feature which allows to display your collections inline with your movies. This can be helpful if you don’t want to search individual movies of a franchise (e.g. collection „James Bond“ but titles don’t necessarily reflect that collection name).

You can manually set the icon (as well as description/background ). If you don’t want to do that, Plex Shows a default poster. If you own only 1 item of the collection, Plex will use the poster of that item… if you have more than 1 items, Plex will create a poster with 4 of the collection content’s posters (2x2 ).

If you’re unsure which is which… check out the label below the poster:

  • for a movie you’ll see the movie name and its release year
  • For the collection you’ll see the name and the number of items in this collection (e.g. „4 movies“)


@tom80H Thanks for the confirmation. I’ll take my quibbles to a new thread :slight_smile:


Late to this thread but this fixed my issue as well. THANK YOU!