Every time I turn off my WD NAS, Plex cannot find the server.



Every time when I turn off my WD My Cloud Home Duo, and when I open Plex again, it cannot find my WD server, and I had to delete the server and start all over again!

I tried to back up by copying the entire Plex folder, and nothing worked either.


check out your router settings. It’s probably configured to automatically assign a new IP address to newly connected devices (DHCP; “newly” also applies for re-connected devices). There should be an option to assign the WD My Cloud Duo a static IP address.

Even when https://app.plex.tv/desktop or one of your other clients cannot find the Plex server, you should always be able to access it by identifying the WD’s IP address and using Plex Web via https://wd-my-cloud-duo-ip-address:32400/web


Thank you! I will try that!!