Fire Stick+1080p x265 : Error : playback has stopped because the connection to the Plex media ser...



Hey everyone,

I'm new here so not sure if this is the right sub thread to ask.

So I've set up plex on a decently powerful system at homethat is connected to the local network.
I have a home theater system with a Denon AVR.

Been using firestick and plex for about a year and i had no issues before with x265 1080p files may it be 2 CH or 6 CH, But this problem started showing up a few weeks ago.

720p x265 videos work flawlessly(mostly TV shows with 2CH AAC audio), but 1080p ones (Movies with 5.1 audio) just won't play
And its not just some files... files that used to play well previously, are now showing this error.

Both the 720p and 1080p are from the same encoder.

The same files would play without a hitch on my Samsung smart TVs and also on the Plex media player on the server system.
So my assumption is that the problem is at the fire stick's end.

Not sure if 1080p x264 play or not because I stopped with x264 2 years ago.

The fire stick is connected via wifi, ,so are the tvs.

I read a lot on this and tried different fixes.. but none seem to work.

Also, not sure what other kind of info you need, please let me know.

Is there anyone who can help??



There’s been an issue with Plex and Fire stick for quite some time now. The issue appears to be the exoplayer. Assuming that’s your problem, the best work-arounds have been to either (1) turn off auto-updates and sideload 6.12 or (2) install something like kodi and then install the plex app under it.

I’m no expert but the symptoms of this problem have been use of the fire stick coupled with something along the lines of “i didn’t change anything but suddenly things aren’t working” and the auto-update to a newer version has tended to be the culprit. I’ve heard that the newest version of plex in beta resolves the issue but I’m staying away from updates until it’s been verified.


Happens on both my FireTV Stick and Fire tablet, doesn’t happen on iPad or iPhone. Posted about it before and never got any help.


I read about the kodi workaround in another thread as well… i’ll try downgrading first… or else I’ll give kodi a try



Any chance you are transcoding when watching a 1080p/5.1 movie?

In Plex client, set display information = on. When playing a movie, tap the bottom of the ring on the remote to pull up on screen controls (pause, forward, etc).

In upper left corner of screen it will show you Direct Play / Direct Stream / Transcode, and a reason if it is not Direct Play.

What does it show for one of the problematic 1080p/5.1 movies?