FLAC tags



Hi, I have a collection of mp3 files that work well on rasplex (tagging by Mp3tag). However, on FLAC files, all tags (I am using "genre") remain unvisible. In contrast to rasplex, these tags show up in other PLEX apps. Could you fix it? Thanks


sorry I forgot to mention: the concern is for “RasPlex 1.8.0 release (and earlier)” on the model “raspberry pi 2b”. Under an amazon app, everything works fine


solved: I have started using libreelec. Great tool


Im sorry, i dont use tags

But what I know its that rasplex isnt using the information on the tags but on the server. Your problem isnt with Rasplex but with Plex server itself


PMS pulls the tags from all my mp3 files just fine. However it does not pull any genre tag info from any FLAC music files in my library. Very [insert expletives here] frustrating!

  • Update: I stand corrected… PMS is not listing any genre info for FLAC files at the Artist level in my FLAC music library (when viewed through Plex Web anyway). At the album level it is pulling the FLAC genre tags.