Guidelines for usage of Plex name, logo, trademarks, and more



We love our community developers and it's always wonderful to see some of the really cool things these third-party devs are able to do with Plex apps. To help clarify how the "Plex" name, Plex's logo(s), trademarks, and more can be used, we've had information available under the "Trademark" tab on our Legal page for quite some time.
Casual browsers of the site might miss that, though, so here are some highlights that should be useful for all of our community developers (these are only excerpts; our Legal page contains the full and official information):

Naming your Application or Product; Applying for a Domain
We appreciate the desire of developers to associate their products and applications with Plex. To ensure that you are able to promote your integration without creating confusion about whether or not it is a Plex product, please follow the following naming guidelines for your product and/or domain:
You may:

  • Name your website, product, or application with something unique, that satisfies the other Guidelines.
  • Feel free to include language on your site explaining that your application “Works with Plex”.
  • Use “for Plex” following the name of your application, provided that the name of your application is unique.
You may not:
  • Use Plex or derivatives thereof in the name of your application
  • Use “for Plex” following the name of your application if the name of your application is not unique. For example, “Remote Control, Client, Player etc. are descriptive terms, and are not considered unique.
  • Register a domain containing Plex (or misspellings of Plex).
  • Apply for a trademark with a name including Plex.
  • Use or make derivative use of Plex trademark icons (see definition below). Examples of derivative iconography would include:
    • a play symbol in profile;
    • a play symbol, or part of one, with black, dark grey or orange coloring.

Visual Design of Your Website, Application and Related graphics and iconography
You may:

  • Design your site with unique branding and logos, which satisfy the other Guidelines.
  • Clearly distinguish any Plex marks, including any link to any Plex web site, from the content on your site.
  • Follow the Brand Identity requirements whenever displaying a Plex logo.
You may not:
  • Copy the Plex look and feel of any Plex web site (including the use of our distinct color combinations, graphic designs or typography) or create any altered, distorted or interpreted representation of any of the Plex marks, as this could create confusion among our users.
  • Feature any Plex trademarks in a manner that is more prominent than the names and trademarks identifying your business, product or service.


Logo Use Guidelines
We have adopted certain standards for presenting our logo, typographical elements and colors, which we require you to follow when using our marks. You may obtain those standards in this document: Logo, Color & Font Guidelines.
Plex logos
For your convenience, we shall provide properly formatted Plex logos [on our Legal page] for your use, subject to the trademark Guidelines and license terms on [that] page (which you agree to abide by as a condition to using them).

** Please be sure to review the full information to make sure you don't miss anything! **