How Can I Make Plex News More Useful?



Hello everyone,

I'll admit that when Plex News arrived one morning, I had sand in my eyes as I attempted to fumble through it. I really didn't think much of it. Like most, I found myself wondering the age old question... "Why?"

Time has passed and I decided to give it another look this morning. Before I render a thumbs up or thumbs down on this addition, I wanted to give it a proper shot. With a fresh cup of coffee in hand, I sat down and let the news flow. I found myself receiving very little of interest. I love automobiles and technology, but I got a 15 minute article on how a steering wheel is manufactured and put into a high end car I've never heard of. No words... just music. Found lots of the articles are music based with no narration.

I've read many a negative review on the feature, and I get it. But what I want to hear is about how people are using it successfully? I want to know what changes you've made, switches you've flipped, buttons you've checked, and options you've selected to make this a usable product. How have you molded this offering to make it worth visiting regularly?

I want to give this a good go before I join the naysayers. Keep it positive please.


Can I hear from anyone actively using Plex News at all? I'm curious about how anyone actively using the feature handles it.