How come the plex web app player will not transcode past 328p?



Every time I go to the plex web app remotely it shows in playback settings that the quality is either "Convert(0.7mbps, 328p)", "Convert(0.3mbps, 240p)", or "Convert(0.2mbps, 160p)". and this happens no matter what I put my settings for the server or user settings. I am at the most updated version of plex web and plex media server.


I'm experiencing the same.


same issue with me as well


Is your connection "indirect".

What does the connection say in the top left under your server name.

Can you give the XML for the metadata item in question?


"indirect" on mine


This means that the web client can not make a connection to your server for some reason, so it is using a service we offer where it makes an ssh tunnel though one of our services so that people can still access their server.